Jazz Jackrabbit

Welcome to the first post of Symphony On A Chip! I thought I’d set the tone for this blog (pun intended) with a somewhat obscure title from my childhood. Everyone knows Mario and Sonic music, and, while I’ll definitely cover those at some point, I hope to dig up some tunes you haven’t heard of before. Enjoy!

134301-jazz-jackrabbit-dos-front-coverJazz Jackrabbit
Year: 1994
Platform: PC
Composer: Robert A. Allen

The year was 1994, and shareware was in it’s golden age. Epic (Mega)Games was known for something other than its development kit and Fortnite. Along came this game, a shameless ripoff of Sonic the Hedgehog with a little bit of Mega Man shoehorned in. Those being two of my favorite games, of course I loved it. To take my nostalgia goggles off for a moment, the gameplay was honestly nothing special, even for the time, but the music has always stuck with me. Contrary to what you might expect from the name, there‚Äôs a surprising lack of Jazz in the game. I would describe it more as Drum and Bass, with a little rock and disco thrown in there.
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