What does the name “Symphony On A Chip” mean?

It’s a play on the synthesizer chips that oldschool game consoles used to use to make those wonderful blip-blop sounds and music, and system on a chip, a way of building computer hardware such that all of the components are built into one board, as opposed to motherboard architecture, with swappable cards and memory modules (like a desktop computer). Also, most game consoles are systems on chip!

How do you define “retro”?

That’s highly subjective and debatable, but for simplicity’s sake, I’m going to say anything that is twenty or more years old. That said, I reserve the right to break that rule every now and then.

Your posts are totally biased!/I can’t believe you didn’t mention that one song!

Yep, these posts are totally biased. It’s my blog, with my opinions. If you want to start your own blog/podcast/vlog, with your opinions, I will totally read/listen/watch it! Also, I’d love to hear about tracks I missed in the comment section.

It’s also worth noting that my posts are unranked unless otherwise specified; just because a track is first or last doesn’t mean it’s my favorite. I usually go in the order you would normally encounter them in the game, if applicable.

I found a broken link/unplayable song! -or- I uploaded the video you linked to and would like it removed from your site.

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I have a sugguestion for a game you should cover!

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