Mega Man X SNES Games

Ah, Mega Man X. Or is it MegaMan? Megaman? Well, we can all agree it’s not Mega-Man; that’s a Marvel thing. Any way you stylize it, this is a great series. Mega Man has always been known for its great music. How could a game that was originally called Rock Man in its native Japan not have great music? When Mega Man arrived on the SNES with edgier, more anime influenced X series,it was accompanied by one of the best hard rock/metal soundtracks of the era. I’ve been playing these games again in the new collection on Switch (I recently wrote about my experiences over on my other blog) and I just had to write about the SNES soundtracks!

Mega_Man_X_CoverartGame: Mega Man X
Year: 1993
Platform: SNES
Composers: Setsuo Yamamoto
Makoto Tomozawa
Yuki Iwai
Yuko Takehara
Toshihiko Horiyama

Zero’s Entrance/Zero’s Theme

I lump these together because, as far as I remember, they’re always paired. Zero’s Entrance is a rockin’ track that tells you that someone way cooler and more B.A. is about to appear and save your shiny metal butt, and that someone is Zero. Even though he’s a guy who totally looks like a girl (even down to the green… Dalek bumps).
Zero’s Theme plays during dialog with Zero, usually after the aforementioned butt saving. It’s a lot more subdued, almost sad. Definitely not foreshadowing that Zero is going to be blown in half… every other game… nope, totally not that.

Storm Eagle Stage

It was really hard for me to pick just two tracks (well, technically three because I cheated) from the first X, because there are so many great songs on this soundtrack. Storm Eagle’s stage, while it’s super frustrating (it wouldn’t be a Mega Man game if you didn’t want to put your controller through your screen because you missed the very last platform over a bottomless pit, right?), has your head bobbing from the moment that solo electric guitar starts in. I think it’s a great track for the stage, too, because it has an almost tangible high-flying feel to it.

Game: Mega Man X2
Year: 1994
Platform: SNES
Composer: Yuki Iwai

First Stage

While X2 was a great game, I was a lot less impressed by it musically. Maybe this is due to the fact that, according to Wikipedia, they want from five composers down to one? There’s only so much you can do with staff cuts like that. At least X2 put its best foot forward with this opening stage anthem, with some great harmonies and some nice percussion work as well.
RIP green biker dude.

Flame Stag Stage

Flame Stag’s level has always been my favorite of X2. Jumping for your life away from steadily rising lava while this tense metal track wails in the background is an experience that defines this entry in the series for me.

Game: Mega Man X3
Year: 1995
Platform: SNES
Composer: Kinuyo Yamashita

Crush Crawfish Stage

First off, of all of the animals in the world, who picked a crawfish to make into a boss? At least make him a lobster or something; at least lobsters are big enough to actually hurt you if they get their claws on you. For better or worse, this shredding metal track gets you pumped up to face this robo-crustacean.

Gravity Beetle Stage

Gravity Beetle’s theme can be described only as epic. I love the contrast of the wailing lead guitar and the growling rhythm guitar.

Where to buy

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Mega Man X Legacy Collection for Console on Amazon:
Mega Man X for New 3DS:



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